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Aras Mountains Villas

The first investment company in the private sector in the field of tourism in Aras Free Trade Zone

Ms. Sabouri is an investor of this magnificent project, which expresses its main reason for this investment.

Dependency is the most important factor in this investment and activity in this area in this area, which is today’s Sunday, December 15th, 2010, on the one hand, my hometown, and on the other hand, despite the presence of potentially powerful potentials Such as the ever-present river and the river Aras, there are numerous historical monuments, including the Church of St. Stephen, the ruins of the Kṛṣṇa Baths, Kurdish Baths, etc.) and the important hiking trails (Ķiamaki), the gardens and the villages of Mosafa and the many inns of the village of Eshtebīn, as well as the neighborhood with The countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Region and close to Turkey On the other hand, I felt that the feeling that the region, despite having all of these facilities why it should be so deprived, would have suffered me. Fortunately, after the announcement of the free zone and recently, I approved the development of the region, and on the other hand, I thought that for the development of each region First of all, the infrastructure must be correct, such as the path, health, culture, welfare facilities, etc., which seeks to attract foreign and domestic capital and ultimately employment for young people and then development. So it came to my mind that I can be active in the area of ​​residence and I decided to do so. The plan relates to the year 2005, when Mr. Pakdel provided detailed explanations for micro and macro issues.