Booking rules

Booking rules
In the first place, you will be glad to welcome you and thank you for your chosen choice of one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Iran. It is possible to buy Internet without intermediary directly through the Internet reservation system. The hotel has been originally furnished and Aras Mountains villas are one of the few pioneers of this industry. It is our pleasure to be with you. The most important hotel and booking rules are available to inform you of the cherished guys.

Booking rules
• The delivery time is 14 hours. If guests arrive from the hotel from 7:00 to 14:00, 50% of the cost will be calculated per night, and arrival before 7:00 am will include a full charge.
• The room is empty at 14 o’clock. If the guest starts paying a stay from 14:00 to 18:00, 50% will be charged one night. Exit after the stated hour includes a full charge.
• The reservation is required to insert the exact date of your booking and stay more than 10 nights with hotel confirmation and coordination. It should be noted that the change of date includes consular crimes within the time period.
• The reservation is valid only if full payment is made to the number of nights requested and to obtain a tracking code from the site. It is emphasized that the approval of the guest reservation will be subject to the receipt of the tracking code by the system, this will be announced to the guest when the deposit is finalized and the reservation will be final after the payment.

• The price criterion in the system is based on the rate displayed on the site at the moment of booking registration and may vary in different time periods.
• The rate stated in the Official Confirmation of the Hotel Hotels Association includes the base price of the room, breakfast, 15% of the service, 9% tax and legal fees.
• Free breakfast is provided in the buffet area at the restaurant for guests. If guests wish to have breakfast in the room, a fee will be charged through the Roman service.
• Other costs, such as half-charge entry and exit, restaurant, extended stay, etc., will be settled in cash in cash (Rials, Dollars and Euros) according to current tariffs.
• It should be noted that accepting credit cards, such as Visa Master and … It is not possible.
• The name can not be provided for the registered reservation, and the room will only be delivered to the person whose reservation is made in his name.
• Minimum age for 18-year-olds is required. If the person is less aged, the reservation will be canceled and the refund will not be refunded.
• It should be noted that the maximum capacity of the hotel rooms is inclusive of an additional bed of 3 persons.
• Admission of a baby until the child is free for 2 years; between the ages of 2 and 8 years, if receiving an additional bed, 1 400 000 rials and, if not requested, the additional bed is 700 000 rials, and the cost of a person over 8 years is 1 750 000 Rials
• The booking accepts all of the above mentioned hotel reservation terms and conditions.
• The bookkeeper will study and cancel the cancellation policy.
• In the event of non-observance of the rules contained in the site, the hotel will not be liable for any refunds.
• Other laws are in accordance with the hotel reservation law at the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and related authorities.
• Other Internet reservation rules are in accordance with the Islamic Republic of Iran e-commerce law.
• The attention of those who disturb or interfere in any way in the reservation system, including the creation of multiple temporary reservations or telephone calls, etc., have been subjected to serious violations of the e-commerce law and the FATA Police Agency, and to follow up with the judiciary Will be referenced.
Console Condition:
• Consignments must be notified by sending a revocation request with the same email address registered at the time of booking.
• The penalty for cancellation of booked rooms up to 72 hours before the arrival of the guest is not subject to any fines.
1-word consoles 48 hours before arrival 20% of the stay is charged per night per room.
2-Consignment within 48 to 24 hours before the arrival of the guest. 50% of the stay per night is charged per room.
3-Announcement Consell 24 hours before arrival 70% of the stay per night is charged per room.
• Offenses against booked rooms In the absence of a request for cancellation of the reservation and the absence of guests in the rooms, one night, the number and type of rooms requested will be charged to the guest account.
• Reduced booking rooms will also be subject to the above rules and regulations.
• If the reservation is canceled, including repayment terms, the deposit will be refunded within seven days of the office in coordination with the financial unit. Call 984142026703
Hotel interior rules:
• Documents required by the Iranian guests for admission: the identity card, the original passport or national card. Organic cards, certificates, end-of-service cards and … are unacceptable.
• Certificate required for foreign guests to accept the passport along with a visa and a stamp to enter Iran with expiration date and expiration date.
• It should be noted that for the acceptance of Iranian couples one of the couples must have a birth certificate. Secondary admission to the national card or passport is allowed.
• The letter of the petition must have a prominent position of the judiciary, and only the seals of the home office of al-Qaeda alone are not acceptable.
• If you submit a letter, the wife must have a birth certificate with a description of the divorce or death on the second page; otherwise, only with the description and authorization of the father of the wife will be delivered in the courtroom. There is no mandatory birth certificate for the patron. The national card or passport is also accepted.
• According to the hotel rules, if there is a defect in identification and non-authentication documents, there is no possibility to accept it and the payment will not be refunded.
• For the sake of the guests’ well-being, the facilities of the Sports Club are free at the hotel.
• There is no room for meetings in rooms and suites, and if you wish to hold, you should go to the hotel sales and marketing department.
• All guests are required to observe Islamic rules and internal rules of the hotel.
• If the guest arrives at the hotel property, the hotel has to pay the price and it is required to pay the expert fees.